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Heather has been active in political and social justice movements since she was 10 years old.  In 1983 she joined Senator Tom Harkin and presidential candidate, Gary Hart, on a "Nuclear Freeze Walk" to protest nuclear proliferation. She has been active ever since.  

Heather has a degree in Political Science from Drake University.  She's worked in Washington DC, Kentucky, Indiana, California and Iowa on various progressive campaigns.  

Heather started the organization, Bitches Get Stuff Done, in the summer 2022 after Roe vs. Wade was overturned.  She realized, after a lifetime of effort trying to effect change, the only time success seemed to be reached, was when she and others were considered an aggressive "bitch".  

"I've been a party to progressive movements that encourage activists to bake cookies for lawmakers in an attempt to curry favor and sway them to do right by their constituents. F*ck that.  I'm over being nice.  It's time to proudly and loudly, be a Bitch. Because, "Bitches Get Stuff Done." ~ Heather Ryan

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Kara Ryan is a mother to a beautiful toddler, she is also an inspiring and passionate leader who has been a force in politics since Fancy Farm, a  Kentucky political staple, in 2008.

With a focus on reproductive freedoms, domestic abuse awareness, and Ban the Box. Kara and her marketing prowess are relentless in their dedication to improving the communities they serve and fighting for justice. 


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