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IA Senator Adrian Dickey

State Senator Adrian Dickey (Jefferson County) is best known for being arrested while participating in the 50th anniversary of RAGBRAI in 2023. He's also well known for when he disowned his adult daughter after she came out of the closet and for forging her name on the title to her car in an attempt to steal the vehicle. 

Senator Dickey is a consistent vote for terrible Republican legislation, but also frequently introduces bills that directly affect his personal life. In the 2023 legislative session, Dickey supported a bill that limited legal liability of trucking companies like the one owned by his family.  In 2024, he introduced legislation that would have made it easier to steal someone's vehicle by forging their name on the title.  

Senator Dickey is well known for his hot temper, love of the bottle and hatred of women. His facial expressions generally look as though he just smelled a fart. 

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