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IA Senator Amy Sinclair

Senator Amy Sinclair (R) was first elected to office in 2013 and now serves as the President of the body. As a member for so long, Sinclair has had ample opportunity to sponsor, support and pass plenty of right wing, loonie bird pieces of legislation - and she has yet to disappoint. 

Amy was one of the original sponsors of the constitutional amendment that would have outlawed abortion in the state of Iowa. That bill is currently on hold because the Iowa Supreme Court will probably do the heavy lifting for the Senate by outlawing abortion in the state somewhere around June 2024.  That's a relief for Amy too, as more than 60% of Iowans support legal abortion and the ballot initiative surely would have failed should they have passed this attempt to change the Iowa constitution.

Senator Sinclair was a big proponent of the newly loosened child-labor laws that were passed during the 2023 session.  The same laws that were deemed as a violation of national law the very same year. 

Amy's right wing agenda is all over the place, much like the split ends of her long, witch-remeniscent hair. In 2024 she introduced a bill that would have created a Don't Tread on Me/Gadsden Flag specialty license plate, even though paying annual license plates fees is technically "Treading on Me". The bill died in committee. 

Defeating Senator Sinclair in the 2024 election will be a heavy lift.  She is in an extremely red part of the state and her wealthy family owns a cubic butt ton of land in the area. But as the Iowa State Senate Leader, she also leads the Dirty Dozen. Amy sucks more than a Dyson vacuum cleaner. 

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