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IA Senator Brad Zaun

State Senator, Brad Zaun of Urbandale, is best known for his hot temper, stalking women and packing a gun at the Des Moines International Airport, because rules don't apply to him. 

Brad is a part of the Senate Republican Leadership and helped lead the charge on some of the most egregious bills passed in the past several years. Senator Zaun is the one who gaveled out the final vote that passed the 'Six Week Abortion Ban' during the 2023 Special Session. 

Brad was extremely upset when protesters from Bitches Get Stuff Done demonstrated at his house in support of Reproductive Freedom before the 2023 Special Session. Not only did he turn the sprinklers on the playful protesters, he quickly went on a right wing radio broadcast to complain about how "disgusting" it was that women who were angry about being stripped of body autonomy protested at his home. 

When at the Iowa State Capitol Building, you'll be able to spot Senator Brad Zaun by looking for a head that looks like a "burnt peanut". Zaun's demeanor is so volatile that his head is always more red than a freshly painted barn.

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