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IA Rep. Bobby Kaufmann

Iowa House of Representatives Majority Leader, Bobby Kaufmann; the Nepo-Baby runs deep with this one!  Kaufmann won his bid for the Iowa House in 2013, after his daddy, Jeff Kaufmann, vacated the seat to become the Chair of the Iowa Republican party.  

Baby Bobby has his own fair share of scandal in his past, including a DUI and at least 17 brushes with the law. His frequent targeting of the gay community led to accusations that he is actually a closeted gay man in a relationship with Rep. Greg Hartsill.  

Kaufmann grabbed national headlines in 2017 when he announced that he planned to introduce "Suck it Up, Buttercup" legislation that would have stripped funding from schools that offered additional counseling services for students who were upset by outcomes of elections.  He later stated that he chose NOT to introduce this intentionally abrasive and heartless bill, but not until after he was dillushed with calls and e-mails from activists (like Heather Ryan, President of Bitches Get Stuff Done).  

Kaufmann was a senior advisor on the Trump 2024 election campaign during the Iowa Caucus season.  Again, not because he is particularly skilled or educated, but because daddy is a muckity muck. 

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