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IA Rep. Pat Grassley

As the grandson of America's longest serving Senator, one would think that Iowa Representative, Pat Grassley, would be more of a natural born leader. Alas, he is not.  Representative Grassley is Speaker of the House and Stooge of the Governor.  He votes to strip women, children and gay Iowans of fundamental rights.  He believes that guns deserve more rights that humans and he has the record to prove it.  

Pat is a veteran of the Iowa House, having been in office since 2009.  The ultimate nepo-baby, Pat enjoys the privileges of having a famous last name and wealthy family.  While some theorize that this complete tool box will run for his grandpa's seat if the old kooze ever retires, those in the know don't think he has mental acuity or work ethic to take the leap into national politics. Let's hope they are right.   

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