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IA Rep. Brooke Boden

Iowa State Representative, Brooke Boden (R), Indianola, is best known for her extremist anti-choice beliefs, but a close second is her publically contentious relationship with her non-binary daughter.  Brooke does everything in her power, as an Iowa lawmaker, to make members of the LGBTQIA+ community's lives harder, regardless her personal connections to the afflicted.  

Though Brooke proclaims to be staunchly "Pro-Life", she consistently votes against social programs that help struggling families and feed hungry children.  Brooke can better be described as "Pro-Forced-Birth" because once a child enters the world they are not entitled to eat, be housed, have medical care or be properly educated in Brooke's view.  

Brooke actually stated, during an Education Committee, that Trans-Iowans should be happy that the government was trying to force them to identify that they are trans-gendered on their driver license because, 'If they're as proud as they say, then it should be an honor'.

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