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IA Rep. Jeff Shipley

Jeff Shipley took office in 2019 and has been a lightening rod of Douche Bag ever since.  Jeff fashions himself as a "Stand Up Comic" (true story), but there's nothing funny about the hateful rhetoric, ideas and legislation he introduces and supports.  

In 2021, Jeff Shipley stated his belief that the term, "White Privilege" is a racist term and equated his theory to him following the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

In 2023, Jeff decided that margarine should be "outlawed" in public school cafeterias, but consistently votes against programs that help feed hungry children throughout the state.

 At the beginning of the 2024 session, Jerky Jeff proposed a bill that would have stripped transgender Iowans of their Civil Rights.  The bill was ultimately defeated in committee, but not until hundreds of protesters, chanting, "F*ck you J-Dog" (a nickname that Jeff finds offensive, but is highly accurate, as he owns a puppy mill) filled the capitol in opposition of the bill. 

J-Dog resides in Fairfield, Iowa and does not win by huge margins in the general election. His race is absolutely within striking distance with the right challenger and his lunatic antics should be excellent fodder to prove he is out of touch with Iowans. 

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