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IA Rep. Bill Gustoff

Though Bill is new to the Iowa House of Representatives, he is off to a shameful start.  Bill votes lock-step with Governor Kim Reynolds' dystopian agenda.  Bill supports underfunding public schools, oppressing Iowans in the LGBTQIA+ community and was an excited participant in the 2023 Special Legislative Session that voted to outlaw abortion at 6 weeks in the state. 

Bills sits on the House Education Committee, which has led the way in horrible legislation such as giving $1 Billion of public funds to private schools, Book Bans, "Don't Say Gay", decimating AEA's for special needs kids and erasing Trans Iowans from Iowa Code. 

Gustoff is in a winnable district and as a freshman legislator, he is easier to beat.  With the right candidate, this is a "flippable" seat!

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